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Sunbear Shiatsu

The Natural Edge Fulvic 30c

The Natural Edge Fulvic 30c

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The Natural Edge Fulvic is an extremely high grade multi mineral supplement carrying a rich source of natural minerals, trace elements, fulvic, humic and amino acids used for mineral supplementation that supports general health. Our ingredients are trace minerals and trace elements and not to be confused with processed heavy metals. The Natural Edge Fulvic is derived using cutting edge technology which relies on physical, not chemical, methods. This enables the purest, cleanest Fulvic to be extracted.Fulvic Acid is derived from ‘humic substances’. These deposits are the remains of decomposed ancient forests that have been subjected to heat, pressure and microbial action over millions of years until they have broken down to become what we call humic substances. Within humic substances there is a small component called fulvic acid and this component is the most bioactive part, meaning that it has the most beneficial effect on living organisms, plant or animal. It contains a variety of beneficial nutrients. The compound contains an assortment of hormones, fatty acids, ketones, flavonoids, and vitamins and minerals.Fulvic content = 32.81%

GMO, gluten dairy free

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