Shiatsu treatment

In this Shiatsu treatment, you lie on a comfortable Japanese style futon on the floor, fully dressed, covered by a blanket and supported by pillows and bolsters where needed. Your body will slow down and reach a full state of relaxation. You will stay warm and comfortable while the ambient temperature is adjusted according to your needs.


Infrared Sauna is a therapy for detoxification, healing and is also an alternative health option, which benefits the body in more natural and organic ways.

Because an infrared sauna heats the body from the inside out, infrared sauna detoxification not only eliminates chemicals and other toxins from the body but also helps ease soreness and allows the body and mind to fully relax.

Biofeedback with Medkey | Physiokey | SCENAR

When you feel any level of pain or discomfort, these biofeedback devices can help to alleviate this sensation. These medical devicesdiagnose the exact origin of the painand subsequently unblock the pathways of the nervous system between the location of the pain and the brain. This is called a biofeedback mechanism and is a unique feature of this therapy.