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Sunbear Shiatsu is one of Australia’s leading pain relief and pain management clinics. We use shiatsu, full-spectrum infrared sauna, SCENAR, medkey and physiokey bioadaptive impulse therapy. We operate from Pain Relief Clinic Melbourne. In our clinic you can also purchase thousands of different supplements.

Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork based on the concept Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is ‘tailor-made’ acupressure applied to release tension, stagnation and create physical and emotional flow.

Health Food Shop

The best products for optimal health and well being. Hand selected by Sunbear, check out the ever growing range of Health Foods, Beverages and Supplements to support your body and mind.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Full Spectrum is the Ultimate Sauna Experience: Near infrared units tend to promote topical healing and mild pain relief quite effectively while far infrared is incredibly effective at removing toxins, improving circulation, and relaxing the muscles. Try this before your Shiatsu!

Biofeedback with Key Technology & SCENAR

The German Key Technology biofeedback is applied with the top of the range Medkey (2022 release), Physiokey and SCENAR devices. These are electro-therapy devices registered with the TGA. The Medkey, Physiokey and SCENAR devices can alleviate sensations of pain and discomfort.


Shiatsu Massage may help improve and treat a variety of health conditions and disorders.


Stress, anxiety and depression


Restoring the your body’s energy flow


Headaches and migraines


Nerve pain like sciatica


Lower back, shoulder and neck pain


Insomnia and sleep quality


Digestive disorders, morning sickness and hormonal / menstrual problems


Acute and chronic injuries, pains and strains (In conjunction with Biofeedback)


Sunbear operates from Bellfield, Melbourne and offers Shiatsu and Biofeedback Therapy.

Sunbear has over 10 years of experience in the health industry and is a fully certified shiatsu practitioner for over 8 years.

Sunbear is passionate about shiatsu, with its nourishing nature and subtle means of healing. In my clinic, he creates a safe and nurturing surrounding for my clients. In my treatments, he facilitates the process of unblocking stagnation and unlocking the inner healing potential. It gives him joy to see his client leave with increased vitality and in great spirits after a session.

In his spare time he meditates & does breath work. He enjoys spending time with his family and time away in Victoria’s wide range of National Parks.

His biggest passion is music and he prides himself in making playlists to enhance the restorative power of shiatsu.

Read what our customers are saying

  • I went to Sunbear on a recommendation because I get bad pain in my lower back/hip. I cannot speak highly enough of Sunbear Shiatsu! The pain is going away, and if I have regular appointments it isn't there at all. If you have any pain or just want a great massage, I would definitely give them a go. It is working for me 🙂

    Sue Beyer Avatar Sue Beyer
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my Shiatsu with Gerald. He is a fantastic practitioner. I felt very relaxed, revived and clear-headed afterwards. I'll certainly be booking in again! I highly recommend Sunbear Shiatsu. 🙂

    caroline newton Avatar caroline newton
  • “ have woken post massage without back pain for the first time in many many months. Feel refreshed and motivated Thank you. There have been some other positive subtle shifts in my body allowing greater range of movement and feel energised and relaxed. Wow did it do all that?! I had better book in for another session soon and find out how good you can tune me up. Thank you Sunbear! David

    David Wilson Avatar David Wilson
  • SAUNA & SHIATSU IN ONE CONVENIENT LOCATION!!! I'm so happy to find this absolute gem of a place. I've never experienced having the two treatments together before and man oh man...it feels so good! Super impressed by the easy communication leading up to my appointment as well the sessions themselves. Highly recommended and will be back again & again ????????

    Veronica Sherman Avatar Veronica Sherman
  • This was definitely one of the best shiatsu massages I have ever had. Gerald was able to work on problem areas to alleviate pain and helped me relax. I left feeling calmer and more relaxed. Highly recommended.

    Caitlin Crowley Avatar Caitlin Crowley
  • Shiatsu massage was of a high quality. I found Gerald to be polite, friendly and attentive to your needs. (I hadn’t had a treatment since November 2019 as my therapist retired). After my first treatment with Gerald, I experienced immediate results. I felt much more balanced and noticed the improvement in my posture and movement. I was able to sit in a Yoga position with less pain in my knee. I left feeling floaty and light, as if a weight had been lifted. Gerald is clearly an amazing therapist and I highly recommend him.

    Luciana Pase Avatar Luciana Pase
  • A true understanding of the energetic body and what is needed in body work. Post visit I experienced unblocking of unshifted emotions and physical alignment. There isn’t anything glamorous about the premises but the therapy is fantastic. I’ll go back.

    Sina King Avatar Sina King
  • Been getting massages for years, and whilst they have been beneficial at times, the benefits have always been temporary. I’ve been going to Sunbear Shiatsu for about 6 months and the treatment I’ve received has been astounding. Gerald has an incredible intuition which he applies, the adjustments he gives have made a significant impact on my physical and energetic bodies, and I cannot be happier with the service. Added to this, Gerald plays the best chill-ambient music which puts me in such a relaxed and restorative state, it just makes me happy. Highly recommended, 5-stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Andrew Padula Avatar Andrew Padula
  • I’ve probably had 500 shiatsu massages in my life. My mate Caitlin gave me a voucher and Gerald was brilliant. Skilled, intuitive and professional. Five stars from me. Highly recommend.

    Catherine Deveny Avatar Catherine Deveny
  • I enjoyed Gerald's company from the moment I walked into Sunbear. He's very warm welcoming and open. Not only did he give me a great shiatsu massage, but we had a great conversation too. Afterwards if felt light and tingly, with a bubbling joy beneath the surface. Gerald knows what he's doing! I look forward to future massages and chats with him.

    Alex Morgan Avatar Alex Morgan

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