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Sunbear Shiatsu

Spike Out Pack

Spike Out Pack

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Zeolite Bromelain, Nac, Shilajit caps and Nattokinase.

  • Don’t waste your time or money, THIS IS THE BEST VALUE – HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT PACK ON THE MARKET.Based on 3 scientific studies, The Spike Out Pack from Alkaline World is the perfect solution for those looking to reduce the effects of Spike Proteins. This pack includes ZeoPine, a premium quality reliable DynaCol Zeolite with Medical Grade Bromelain, high-grade NAC,  Nattokinase and Shilajit tablets ( no nasty taste).ZeoPine is a powerful combination of natural ingredients that helps to reduce inflammation and improve overall health. The Medical Grade Bromelain helps to reduce inflammation, improve digestion and many benefits that will surprise you, while the NAC and Nattokinase help to reduce oxidative stress and improve overall health. Shilajit is an amazing supplement with 84 essential minerals, hummic and fulvic acid that has many benefits including, detoxing the body, improving testosterone, fertility, blood flow, sexual function, alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, iron deficiency, heart health, and many other benefits.

    The Spike Out Pack is an ideal solution for those looking to reduce the effects of Spike Proteins and improve their overall health.

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