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Shilajit 60 Dry Drops Altai "Golden Mountains" Siberian Green

Shilajit 60 Dry Drops Altai "Golden Mountains" Siberian Green

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Shilajit dry drops.

60 x 200mg Dry Drops
Original Altaic Siberian Pure Shilajit Resin Dry Drops – extracted from high quality raw materials directly from the Altai Golden Mountains according to GMP standards. Premium purification proprietary technology to maintain the maximum fulvic acid content and original mineral composition

100% Shilajit Dry Drops – Exactly like natural shilajit, but packed in small compartments for seamless use – no need to measure, no risk to exceed recommended dosage. Use it anytime, anywhere, easily and conveniently

Concentrated Fulvic & Trace mineral complex obtained from aged organic matter that was trapped by layers of rocks in Altai Golden Mountains. Fresh source, GMO-free, gluten-free, contains no soy, gelatin, egg, dairy products or caffeine, no fillers. Pure Shilajit as designed by Mother Nature!

Support ‘Altaisky Biosphere Natural Preserve’ in Siberia, a unique UNESCO biodiversity natural site at the foothills of the Golden Mountains – source of our pure Shilajit!

Quality & Safety report in each package and Independent US-based 3-rd party Lab tested

Shilajit is a complete trace mineral source, containing more than 84 organic minerals & is also a rich source of fulvic acid.
Providing 84+ bio-available minerals it provides the body the necessary energy to perform its everyday functions, not to mention to help our cells ability to detox and regulate our immunity.

Detox Your Body
Improve Gut Health
Gain More Energy
Improve Heart Health
Improved Mental Clarity

10.5 x 7.2 x 0.8 cm; 20 Grams
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