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Sunbear Shiatsu



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Treatment with the physiokey
Physiokey can be used for patients of all age groups with a wide variety of symptoms. The design and highly variable waveform of the Physiokey allows the therapist to deliver patient-individualised and specific treatments using a new, fast and simple treatment methodology. The device stimulates self-regulation through biofeedback-controlled impulses. The effect on the vegetative nervous system and thus on the body’s own adjustment and regulartory processes strengthens the body’s defence and shows the body a route to self-healing. Physiokey is applied directly onto the skin without the need for conductive gels, and provides treatment options for acute and chronic pain as well as the improvement and recovery of function.

Physiokey also utilises a modified form of iontophoresis called “key-phoresis”. Here, the application of external creams or gels enhance treatment outcomes and becomes even more efficient.

The Physiokey is mobile and ready for use anywhere thanks to its size and the high performance battery.

100% drug-free pain relief at your fingertips!

Incorporating the latest in pain relief technology, the Physiokey is intuitive and easy-to-use for fast and effective pain relief – anywhere, anytime!

The Physiokey provides fast and effective treatment applications for conditions that may include:

General Aches and Pains,
Neuropathic pain,
Pain from injury,
Aggravated Joint pain,
Chronic back and Neck conditions,
Osteoarthritis pain

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