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Natural Superfoods Organic Moringa 200g

Natural Superfoods Organic Moringa 200g

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Moringa offer an affordable means of getting all the nutrients your body needs.
You no longer need a cupboard full of dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals.
Moringa has 4 times the vitamin A of carrots
twice the protein of milk
17 times the calcium
half the vitamin C of oranges
15 times the potassium of bananas.
Moringa also has 25 times the iron of spinach.
Vitamin and mineral content are just the beginning.
Moringa has 18 amino acids, including the eight essentials—you know, the ones your body can’t survive without but can’t manufacture on its own; they must be supplied through diet.
Moringa is as good a source of roughage as carrots but has quadruple the beta carotene content.
It also has plenty of omega-3 oils and chlorophyll, plus 46 compounds with antioxidant properties.A good source of iron, calcium, and fiber, moringa is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. Known as the "tree of life", many find it beneficial for detoxification and to manage post-workout inflammation.

Moringa vs Kale*

2X Protein
3X Calcium
4X Iron
2.5X Fiber

*One serving (10 g) of moringa powder vs one serving (2 cups/32 g) of fresh kale. Comparative values for kale are 1.4 g protein, 48 mg calcium, 0.5 mg iron, 1.2 g fiber.

A Convenient Way to Get Your Greens

Blend into smoothies and shakes
Sprinkle over sweet and savory dishes
Mix into sauces, soups, and stews

Simply add a tablespoon to a smoothie or shake. Try a spoonful in sauces, soups, baked goods, and casseroles, or sprinkle over salads, pasta, and flatbreads.

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