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D3K2 & Calcium - 60VCaps - Sunbear Health Supplies

D3K2 & Calcium - 60VCaps - Sunbear Health Supplies

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Contains the bioactive and highly bioavailable forms of D3 and K2.

Vitamins D3, K2 & Calcium. Calcium is one of the most important micronutrients for the human body, used for a range of chemical reactions and to form structure within the teeth and bones, where it helps to form the hard crystals that give these tissues strength and structure. Sunbear Health Supplies D3, K2 WITH Calcium contains 350mg calcium carbonate, and vitamins K2 (150mcg per capsule), along with vitamin d3 for optimal bone health, at 5000iu.

If serum calcium levels fall too low, bone tissue actually releases this mineral into the blood to maintain it, as it is used for muscular contraction, clotting of blood, nerve health and cellular signalling.

Therefore, bone is actually an active tissue, one of its functions of which is as a reservoir or storehouse for this mineral. Vitamin D3 enhances the absorption of calcium into bone as well as phosphorus, from the intestines, enhancing bioavailability of these important minerals. K2 prevents calcium from being deposited into soft tissues such as arteries and joints and directs it into bone.

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