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In a shiatsu treatment, you lie on a comfortable Japanese style futon on the floor, fully dressed, covered by a blanket and supported by pillows and bolsters where needed. Your body will slow down and reach a full state of relaxation. You will stay warm and comfortable while the ambient temperature is adjusted according to your needs. You will feel intermittently held, gently rocked and stretched, while massaged with fingers, hands, palms, elbows, forearms and knees. Your qi and flow will be unblocked in your meridians and acupressure points and you will feel energized and revitalised. You will feel a strong physical rebalancing, reduction of pain and stress and feel emotional stronger. After shiatsu, clients report feeling stronger physical and emotional resilience, improved sleeping patterns and increased energy levels. Receiving regular shiatsu can alleviate long-term patterns of physical and emotional discomfort.

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The SCENAR is an electro-therapy device and can be used in conjunction with Shiatsu massage therapy. When you feel any level of pain or discomfort, the SCENAR device can help to alleviate this sensation. The SCENAR device diagnoses the exact origin of the pain and subsequently unblocks the pathways of the nervous system between the location of the pain and the brain. This is called a bio-feedback mechanism and is a unique feature of the SCENAR device. You will experience a gentle current on your skin, which activates the blood flow & tissue repair and results in a reduction of the inflammation and the pain, bringing greater balance to the body. You will feel a gentle, pleasant electro-therapy pulse going through your skin.  After treatment, clients report increased energy levels, stronger flexibility, reduced pain and inflammation and overall good humour, improved sleep and good appetite.

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Gerald ‘Sunbear‘ Heutink

Gerald ‘Sunbear‘ Heutink

Qualified shiatsu and SCENAR practitioner

I am a qualified shiatsu practitioner and Level 2 SCENAR practitioner, a member of the Shiatsu Therapies Association AustraliaSCENAR Therapist Association Australasia and registered with all health funds for rebates. I work out of Alchemy Medicine in Preston, Melbourne. I am also available for home treatments within a radius of 10 km’s – please contact me by text or email to request a visit.

I am passionate about shiatsu, with its nourishing nature and subtle means of healing. In my clinic, I create a safe and nurturing surrounding for my clients. In my treatments, I facilitate the process of unblocking stagnation and unlocking the hidden inner healing potential.

I am a strong believer in the self-healing power of the body, with the healer being a facilitator of change. I thrive having a good report with my clients and seeing them leave with increased vitality and in great spirits.

For me self-care, good nutrition and gentle exercise are the keys to living life to its highest potential. I enjoy doing martial arts, yoga, qi gong and find joy in home cooking for my family.

E-mail: gerald@sunbearshiatsu.com.au Phone: 04 00 562 123

Autumn Retreat

www.autumnretreat.com.au Wednesdays 10am-8pm, Thursdays 10am-8pm, Fridays 10am-8pm Bookings: 0400 562 123 or 03 946 9872

Earth Alchemi

www.earthalchemi.com.au Saturdays 9am-1pm Bookings: 0400 562 123


  • Alchemy Medicine

    Grange Street, Preston – www.earthalchemi.com.au  Tuesdays 9am-5pm, Fridays 9am-8pm, Saturdays 9am-1pm Bookings: 0400 562 123

  • Home Treatments

    (10 km radius) on request on Tuesdays and Thursdays – please call 0400 562 123

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Shiatsu Preston Thornbury Gift Voucher

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Unbelievable ….. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried shiatsu earlier – thank you Gerald for an AMAZING session 🙂

Caroline Butigan

I have seen Gerald on many occasions for his shiatsu treatments & mark him as one of the best. His intuitive and healing touch has paved the way for powerful, positive shifts within me. I would recommend him to all!

Kate Goldie

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Scenar treatment you administered on my twisted ankle. It was 80% better within minutes. This stuff really works. All the best with your therapy business.

Chris Jurewicz

Really lovely treatment with Gerald – he is a natural at shiatsu; very skilled, intuitive, gentle and effective. Can highly recommend a healing session with him!

Sarah Cowell

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Sunbear proudly supports FREE THE BEARS

The mission of FREE THE BEARS is to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world.

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