Mag Extra Powder 150g – Sunbear Health Supplies – 30 serves


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Magnesium Supplementation for Muscular Pain and Cellular Energy Production .

Contains therapeutic dose of 5 types of Magnesium .

Contains a Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P) - an activated B6 vitamin
Relieves muscular aches, pains, cramps and spasms.

Relieves PMS symptoms, including menstrual pain and cramps, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, fluid retention, bloating and breast tenderness.

Add 1 rounded teaspoon (approx 5gms) to water or non acidic juice 2-3 times daily or as directed by your practitioner. (Can be sprinkled over food ) Discontinue use if side effects occur and consult your practitioner.

Magnesium (as citrate)

Magnesium (as diglycinate)

Magnesium (as orotate)

Magnesium (as chloride)

Magnesium (as ascorbate)

Total elemental Magnesium

Malic Acid



Potassium (as citrate


Selenium (as chelate

Chromium (as chelate)

Additional information

Weight 189 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 cm


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