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C60 MCT – Premium MCT with 99.99% Carbon 60 – 100ml x 5 Bottles

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99.99% pure c60 with C8 & C10 medium chain triglycerides derived from sustainable coconut oil.

Carbon 60 fullerene with 100% capric and caprylic acid for the perfect 8-10 carbon saturated fat level.

Ultrasonics added to our process.

Ultrasonic Dispersion of C60 into Supplements Ultrasonic dispersion is the superior method to blend C60 homogeneously into a stable oil-based supplement. The mild, precisely controllable ultrasonic treatment ensures that the C60 molecules are kept intact for best results. The ultrasonically blended nano-structured formulation results in optimal bioavailability of C60.

Saturation is at least 0.8mg/ml in our Premium MCT Oil


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