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It’s the number 1 reason our clients choose to use the infrared Sauna. Pain….from a physical accident that was never given time to heal Or from chronic inflammation.

Pain Relief Sauna Session

  • 45-55 degrees
  • 30-45 minutes
  • 1-1.5 litres of water
  • The closer you are to the heaters the deeper the heat can penetrate. So get comfy, nice and close to the heaters. Use a towel in between if you find the heaters too warm.
  • Don’t overwork your body.If you catch yourself counting down the time, it’s too hot or you’ve been in there too long. You don’t always need to push yourself to get the benefit of the sauna.

Other Pain Relief Tips

  • An Epsom salts bath (rich in magnesium as well as other trace minerals) will have a calming effect on the nervous system…and a good quality salt helps reduce inflammation. A hot water bath opens up our skin, allowing salts or oils in the water to enter our body. A mixture of Epsom salt, Celtic sea salt and frankincense make for a gentle, relaxing bath right before bed, leaving us calm, present and loose.
  • Movement is the best defence against inflammation. Our body is a system of tubes providing blood, oxygen and nutrient flow. When we stop moving, we reduce the flow. Inflammatory markers build up in problem sites, causing pain. Movement provides blood to these sites helping reduce pain. So, keep walking, swimming, bike riding and gardening.
  • Turmeric and Ginger are powerful anti-inflammatory foods, while curcumin in turmeric, naturally inhibits inflammatory markers like lipo-oxygenase.

Tea – Pre Sauna

  • Rosemary tea increases body temperature & relaxes muscles. A great tea to be taken prior to your session for those who take longer to sweat.
  • Ginger tea promotes circulation
  • Chamomille increases body temperature and acts as a muscle relaxant

Teat – Post Sauna

  • Turmeric – anti-inflammation, thins blood & cleanses blood, anti microbial
  • Calendula – anti inflammation
  • Chamomille increases body temperature, muscle relaxant


  • Lemongrass – Ligaments
  • Frankincense and Rosemary can be applied topically for arthritis relief


  • Orange or Yellow are both associated with benefits for those suffering from inflammatory symptoms