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Neurofeedback SCENAR. What does it mean and how does it work?

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Ove the years I have treated many different conditions with this amazing technology.

SCENAR is an acronym. The SCENAR device has little metal electrodes. These contact point are put on the skin where the client feels the most discomfort. This discomfort can be muscular, skeletal or relating to the internal organs.


Point of Pain

There is two different approaches. You, as the client can ask the SCENAR to be put on the location of your skin where you experience most pain or ‘grief’. This is called the ‘point of pain’. Or, the SCENAR when in the ‘objective’ setting finds the ‘highest reading’ displayed on the device. This area is being treated subsequently.

How does SCENAR create positive change?

When the electrodes are put on the area with the most discomfort or the highest reading, change will take place by the SCENAR. The device emits a specific hertz frequency that balances that area of your body in time and space.

Why the skin?

The skin is the reflection physiologically of the condition of the body BELOW the skin. It is an indicator of health. Flaccid skin is underperforming bodily functions and taught skin reflect the opposite.

In layman’s terms

The brain is the head quarters of the nervous system. The frequencies of the SCENAR ‘tweak’ the nervous system on the area that is being treated. There is a signal going up and down to the brain with high velocity. This system ‘wakes up’ the brain to prioritise healing in that specific area.

How can I experience pain relief with the SCENAR?

Sunbear Shiatsu offer now SCENAR treatments within the shiatsu framework or stand alone.

The best way to experience the SCENAR therapy is to come in for a free 15 minutes obligation free appointment.

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