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Video Tutorials

Partner Shiatsu

Simple Solutions for Shoulder tension.
Try this at home. With your partner or your loved ones. Amazing Shoulder opening. Releases all tension from this often tense area of our bodies.

Your Partner will love you for this.

Makka-Ho’s Meridian Exercises

Makka-Ho’s are easy to apply meridian exercises that take only 10 mintutes. The Makka-Ho exercises are great to start up your day and awaken your body, mind and spirit.

A good self-care exercise while you are holding out for your next shiatsu appointment. This exercise series is also great for muscle building.

In this video Gerald Heutink from Sunbear Shiatsu demonstrates these simple and effective Japanese stretches. There are 6 pairs of holding poses. These correspond to the 12 main meridians and are sequenced according to the Chinese Medicine Orary Clock.

A perfect way to kick start your day.